Tempeh is what the world needs.

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What’s Tempeh?

Tempeh is a fermented plant-based food rich with protein and fiber. It’s completely natural, and can be as exciting as your culinary creativity can make it.

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Easy MOde

Tempeh is easy to cook

Tempeh can be anything – from burgers to tacos, pizza to stir-frys, and snacks to gourmet.

The hearty texture of tempeh is superior to tofu for many dishes where tofu would be too soft.  Tempeh acts like a sponge for flavor, so don’t be shy with your marinades and sauces!

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Better for the Earth

More than three quarters (77%) of the global supply of soybeans are fed to livestock for meat and dairy.  How about we eat the beans instead of eating the animals that ate the beans?  Either way we’re eating the beans and by skipping the meat, we can cut way down on intensive land usage and global emissions.

Tempeh is the culture

Not just soy

Traditionally tempeh is made from soybeans, however tempeh can be made from many other kinds of beans.

Our soy-free varieties of tempeh include black-eyed pea, yellow pea, and chickpea.

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Alex FernandezAlex Fernandez
15:24 24 May 24
The best tempeh, so much better than the stuff you buy at most grocery stores. It really makes a huge difference. Were so lucky to live in Florida and have this local tempeh producer!
Brett CaudillBrett Caudill
14:07 18 May 24
Jose's tempeh for life!!
Enoch NadlerEnoch Nadler
13:08 30 Apr 24
As a lifelong tempeh enthusiast, I've had the pleasure of sampling various iterations of this fermented soybean staple all around the world. However, none have quite reached the pinnacle of flavor and quality as The Tempeh Shop's Tempeh.From the moment I opened the package, the distinct nutty aroma, indicative of well-crafted tempeh, immediately whetted my appetite. Upon tasting, I was met with a symphony of flavors—earthy, slightly tangy, and wonderfully textured. Each bite was a testament to the care and expertise that went into its creation.Furthermore, I must commend Damian, the owner of The Tempeh Shop (family owned and operated since 1985!), whose passion for tempeh shines through in every bite. His commitment to quality and creativity is evident in the consistency and varieties offered, and it's a pleasure to support such a dedicated artisan.If you're searching for tempeh that transcends the ordinary, look no further than The Tempeh Shop's Tempeh. With its exceptional flavor, texture, and versatility, it's a true delight for the senses. I buy mine at Wards Supermarket and enjoy it at restaurants all around Gainesville!
Matt StameyMatt Stamey
01:15 19 Mar 24
Tempeh from here is now a regular stop for me at the farmer’s market every week. Their product is always fresh and delicious. And the employees are always helpful woth my questions about how to cook it and giving me recipe ideas.
Robert WhiteRobert White
00:58 19 Mar 24
Excellent product. Delicious and easy to prepare. I’ve cooked this in strips, squares and crumbled and it’s fantastic. A more subtle flavor than other tempes available in town. And a great variety of products. My kids love the preseasoned smaller pieces. Super easy to heat up and add to salads or in burritos for a 15 minute dinner. A great local family business putting heart and soul into feeding our community. We’re hooked!
Apolo ZamparelliApolo Zamparelli
00:12 08 Feb 24
I’ve attempted to cook with and enjoy tempeh for years (Trader Joe’s and other brands) and eventually wrote it off, feeling disappointed with how it came out. Over the last year, I discovered tempeh from The Tempeh Shop and have since made it a weekly staple of my family. There is no comparison in flavor, quality, and experience between what I’ve had before and this tempeh. It is dense, rich in flavor (flavor depends on how you prepare it), and has a lot of protein. It is also quite affordable for how satiating it is. Overall, I’m so pleased that I’ve found a healthy, protein-packed, affordable, and delicious product that feeds not only myself but my family on an ongoing basis. Thank you Tempeh Shop. Keep it up!