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We sell bulk organic tempeh to anyone in our shipping area of Florida and southern Georgia. These are the areas that UPS delivers ground overnight.

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Bulk Soy Tempeh

Best for restaurants and catering services

A bulk case of tempeh comes as ten 2-lb blocks sealed together in an air-tight bag. These are perfect for restaurants because the blocks are a convenient size for prepping ahead of time while the rest of the pack can stay in the freezer.

Storage life - 10 days in refrigerator or 3 months in freezer

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Individually Packaged Tempeh

Best for families and small communities

Individually packed tempeh in 1lb portions (we call them "Tempeh Squares") are perfect for families and communities who want to share. Each pound of tempeh is individually wrapped which makes them easy to divy up among your friends.

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Buy Tempeh at Retail

If you are in the Gainesville, FL area, our tempeh is available by the pound at these locations:

You may also purchase bulk and smaller quantities of tempeh at our shop, by appointment only.